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Design Idea - Glass Crown on Green Ribbon

The existing entrance situation of the middle school in connection with the existing sports hall shows considerable deficits.
The superimposed structure of the connector with four classrooms from 15 years ago is understandable from today's point of view. But for the continued existence, including the intended new construction of the two-sided sports hall, it cannot be maintained in the long term. The available, cramped building site between middle school and kindergarten is almost completely filled by the new brief. The present design reacts to this circumstance by leaning on the single-hip, unattractive north wing of the school over its entire length. The school will have a new forecourt in connection with the newly planned school bus driveway in the south. The forecourt marks the new main entrance to the site, creates an address and offers a traffic-calmed area to get safely from the school buses to the school. The new green gate leads to the schoolyard, which will be a central meeting place and attractive lounge area for both students and the public.
A spacious entrance area with a common foyer for the middle school and the sports hall can be reached from the west side via the schoolyard. The new hall, entrance area and school building are surrounded by a single-storey green band whose color changes with the seasons. The roof structure of the hall towers upwards as a transparent sawtooth roof construction, like a crown, and offers uniform, glare-free lighting via the north-facing vertical skylight bands.
The 'Green Ribbon' will successively envelop the facades of the new building ensemble and connect them thematically.






Gemeinde Niederviehbach


Ronny NeumannStefanie Dotzauer

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