Architectural concept

Compact, flexible, reusable. The present design implements the brief for a four-stream high school by means of a square floor plan on four levels. The spacious ground floor zone acts as a central 'market place'. The foyer, canteen, cafeteria, open stairwells, an inner courtyard, etc. offer views in and out, while creating functional areas that can be flexibly separated or connected and are places for communication and action. Specialist cabinets for technology, handicrafts, textile design, art and music play out their potential for dual use on the ground floor, both for teaching and for leisure activities.

Four learning clusters, each consisting of two classrooms and an intermediate group/differentiation room, were set up in the outer brackets on the second, third and fourth floors. Within the cluster and outside of the classrooms, areas that can be used in a variety of ways offer space for individual learning, playing or just lounging. The room partitions can be designed flexibly, since they are arranged essentially independently of the supporting structure. This means that subsequent modifications or additions are also possible at any time.
An open inner courtyard and an atrium that tapers towards the top generously illuminate the interior functional areas.
On the third floor, a 'Terrace of Sciences' complements the offer for trials and experiments, especially for the natural science subjects.






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