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The cultural monument Weisbachsches Haus is as an important manufacturing building of the industrial development of Saxony and forms an important part of the industrial heritage of the city of Plauen. In Europe there are only five manufactory building remaining from the 18th century. 
The construction of the Weisbachsche Haus initiated the economical development of the area between the southern city wall and the river Weiße Elster, including its floodplain. 

The Weisbachsche Haus consists of the following parts: Bleichstrasse 1; 3; 5 and 7, which were built at different times, but appear as a unit from the facade design.
The conversion of the building at Bleichstraße 1 in the Weisbachsches Haus building complex is a main project of the ERDF area ""Elsteraue"" funding period 2014 - 2020 and an important urban development project as part of the program for urban heritage protection - area 'Historical Old Town'. 

The proposed design for the complete modernization and repair includes the greatest possible energetic upgrade and aims for an economical operation in the future, while taking into account the requirements of the heritahe listing. This also enables funding in field of part 4 in the ERDF program – urban development. A three-storey supplementary building will be erected, since thermal insulation measures on the existing façade are not possible due to the requirements of the heritage listing. The supplementary building will encompass the entire inner courtyard area, whereby the three existing outer courtyard walls will be converted into inner walls without thermal insulation requirements due to the resulting thermal spatial connection.
With the addition of a building in the inner courtyard, the room utilization concept provides a generous exhibition and experience area for the textile and industrial history of Plauen and its surroundings, with the focus on the development of PLAUENER LACE as a unique selling point.

An event area or multfunctional area for special temporary exhibitions, conferences etc. of at least 200 square meters usable space is planned in addition to permanent exhbition areas for large historical machines. 
The entrance area with ticket office and foyer serves as a multifunctional information area and is intended as well to offer regional companies space for presentations.








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