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A healthy home for healthy children

The existing facility was expanded by 2 groups for 15 children each and has successfully started operations. The children obviously feel at home in the natural surroundings with untreated timber walls.
Great importance was given to ecology and sustainability during planning and execution of the solid timber extension. Mainly natural building materials are used. 

On the sloping site a new building was constructed in front of the existing development. The new part sits below the existing level and offers an optimised acces through the new link to the existing kindergarten. The two group rooms can be interconnected using a mobile partition wall. As required in the brief a bedroom and a sanitary area are added to each group room. The cloakrooms are located outside in the respective entrance area. A temperature-controlled rear wall makes it easier to dry in rainy weather. From the cloakroom it is possible to enter a lockable inner courtyard, which leads to the existing outdoor playgrounds for longer stays outside.
A prefabricated, almost waste-free solid timber structure with an external insulating layer and an untreated larch façade was used for the new building.








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