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We are making the stairwell extension available for the planned structural expansion in the inner courtyard, in connection with a conversion of the existing extension on Kirchgasse. Relocating the vertical main access staircase with its connected elevator shaft to the main entrance area improves barrier-free accessibility and the walking routes to the Superintendent on the 1st floor: Besides it will enable flexible usability of the passage area as the future community hall.
Together with the opening of the currently unused vaulted room on the ground floor and its repurpose as a flexible useable community room or meeting room, this central area offers space for events and attractive recreational qualitites in addition to its main circulation function. Especially for larger events, this area becomes a reception and breakout area and offers guests plenty of space to linger. As soon as you enter the portal, you can see the rear garden area.
The new opening to the garden lets the previously dark hallway 'shine in a new light' in the truest sense of the word. The community kitchen with preparation and service is located in the rear vaulted rooms on the right side of the entrance. This central location is ideal for events in the community hall as well as for daily use.
A direct extension to the courtyard facade of the old building proved to be the most economical and practical solution for choosing the location for the new community hall. As a prefabricated timber frame construction, it reacts to the cramped site conditions and minimizes the construction work on site. Acoustically effective timber ceiling and wall elements offer ideal conditions for choirs and orchestras.






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