Concept / Idea

The proposed design consistently reworks the original axial floor plan of the existing building to achieve a clearly defined zoning of all building levels. Citizens enter the building from the street through the central portal, arriving in a central two-storey central hall. In addition to the existing bakery and butcher branches, regional individual marketers can offer their products in the 'fresh market'. The central hall or 'market street' continues through the building to the rear entrance or exit and continues as an outdoor market or courtyard area.
Contrary to the original brief, we see the municipal administration ideally located on the first floor. In connection with the adjacent coworking space or 'village office' this offers optimal synergies bringing together a transparent administration and business-promoting offers. A modern, citizen-oriented administration, combined with a range of private businesses, presents itself to citizens and customers 'fully glazed' and transparent towards the interior of the central hall. 

The proposed design for the second storey corresponds to the request for a multifunctional hall. 
A striking contemporary building volume, composed of a light timber-concrete skeleton structure, meets the requirements for a community center in an innovative way. Based on a simple, but nevertheless unusual shape, the design aims to create a unique selling point with a high recognition value. 

The necessary additional storey is realised as a lightweight timber-concrete hybrid construction, based on a load distributing reinforced concrete slab. The use of ecologically sustainable building materials is paramount for all new building parts. Basically, the design offers a clear delineation between old and new building substance. Existing components may deliberately show traces or 'scars' from the past.
The design concept has to be predominantly simple, robust and made of few materials, while still being realised in a variable way. Exposed concrete surfaces contrast with untreated timber and sanded mastic asphalt. The floor plan is structured using built-in furniture and spacious interconnected rooms, instead of small-scale rooms with costly fit-outs.








Gemeinde Ellefeld


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